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Gort Cycle Trails at the Gort Community Fair

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The Gorgeous Gort Forum organized a superb Community Fair at the Gort Community Center, giving Community Groups, associations and clubs the opportunity to showcase their activities, how to get involved to volunteer or how to become a member. It was also the official launch of the Gorgeous Gort Forum that were/are at the driving force to transform the streetscape of Gort. Read more here

So what did I have on my stand?

Gort Cycle Trails Stand

Small section with books about cycling and mobility !

Books about Cycling

Movement : How to take back our streets and transform our lives by Thalia Verkade and Marco Te Brommelstroet

I read this book after attending the Velocity Conference in Ljubiljana  ( read my report here). It really challenges the (often) accepted view that roads are for cars, why electric cars aren’t the solution to traffic congestion, social & political history in the Netherlands around cycling,and many other topics around infrastructure, language , policy, parking spaces and design of Public Space

Dervla Murphy – Bike explorer extraordinaire and superb travel writer that wrote many books.

I really enjoyed reading her first book Wheels in Wheels, the making of a traveller , on her early life in Lismore and the many challenges she faced.

Currently reading Full Tilt : Ireland to India on a bicycle When Dervla was 10, she got a bike and an atlas, and it was then she decided she’d cycle from Ireland to India on her bicycle. 21 years later she did. I am currently at the stage where she is in Kabul. She has written many books, so I am hoping the library has copies too.

Orders your today from Kennys.ie – remember FREE delivery in Ireland. Just click on the links  and you’ll go straight to the Kennys website ( who are , as it happens, Galway based)

Cycle Classes: Get Back on your bike

I recently qualified as a cycle right instructor and will start to deliver cycle training in a community setting. Training is aimed at people that haven’t cycled in a while and are interested to refresh their cycling skills, with a review of basic biking skills, balance, rules of the roads and plenty of exercises to refine your cycling skills and abilities. Are you interested to refresh your cycle skills to give you the confidence to cycle and explore your local area? Follow this link to add your interest and I’ll be in touch!

Local Cycle Routes

I have been documenting local cycle routes, follow this link with loops I have documented so far. During Covid I did a lot of cycling and tried to map a cycle in each community of the Burren Lowlands. I still have many loops to write up/document. One day you’ll find them all here!

Join the Gort Bicycle User Group ( Gort Bug)

There currently isn’t a voice for cyclists in Gort and surrounding areas. I am looking for people from all walks of life and ability, striving to make Gort and the communities around it a better and safer place for people to cycle. We can arrange trips in the area, set up mechanical bike sessions, hold cycle classes,  invite speakers, and help shape public space that includes cyclists. For now, join my newsletter, I’ll be in touch soon!

Win a Cycle goodie bag!

20 people entered their name to get a goodie bag containing rechargeable bike lights front and back, a T-shirt, a High Viz Jacket, a Drinking bottle, a saddle cover, reflectors and flashing lights on your spokes.  An innocent hand picked 2 winners, check out their names below:

Winners Goodie Bag


Big thank you to the Gorgeous Gort Forum for a very well organized  and well attended event and  wanted to congratulate the committee with the official launch of this entirely voluntary led initiative. Thank you for all the energies and focus of the last few years, you are making a real difference to Gort!

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